Sunday, April 27, 2008

Salad Days - A photo shoot

My garden is growing so well. I thought that you could use an introduction of cast and characters. Up close! The insider's edition!

I thought my cucumbers were not going to sprout. It had been forever. I had even found a few seeds become exposed! And they had not changed one bit. But this morning, what did I see– not one, but THREE little sprouts! (These little guys were camera shy, and wouldn't let me take a clear photo) I'm really so glad that these guys pulled through. I had given them a death sentence, but apparently they just needed a little faith.

My tomatoes are budding, and I have the first little guy coming in! Look! I have been showing him to every one that comes near my garden. I've even named him. Tommy. Tommy Tomato.

I think I have about a dozen tomato plants in three separate stages, so hopefully I will have tomatoes-a-plenty all summer long.

For the longest time, I was conviced that the jalapeños were not growing. They sprouted, and then that was it. No mas. But I think they were just jerking my chain now.

I love bell peppers. I cook with them almost as much as tomatoes. Maybe even more. They're so good in everything. Raw, sautéed, grilled. These guys need to hurry up. I'm hungry.

Lettuce is not supposed to do so well in my hot and humid region, but so far it is so lush! I think it may have a few weeks left before the heat really kicks in though, so I will enjoy it while I can!

And here are my beans. That is all the seed packet said. Beans. I'm hoping for green beans? Who knows, I love beans of all kinds (they're the musical fruit!), so I'm sure I won't be disappointed


Anonymous said...

"...they need to hurry up. I'm hungry."


Rodger said...

We use that miracle grow stuff that you put on your water hose. I don't think you're supposed to use it every day... but I have... and we have some monster plants. I'm pretty sure I'm on the track to recreating the plant in "Little Shop of Horrors."

Paige said...

the garden looks awesome!