Friday, May 16, 2008


My cat Max is very special. About a year ago our good friend found him digging around in the garbage behind his house when he was only about 5 weeks old. Little bugger was way too young to be on his own. So Andy and I brought him in. And boy was he wily.

Well, a few nights ago I noticed a sore spot on Max's paw. A closer look and it was kind of scary, I didn't know what it could be. The vet isn't really sure either. She thinks it could be a burn or maybe just nervous licking/biting. Either way, he can't lick it until it heals, so cone town it is.

I know I shouldn't find some much amusement in his misfortunes, but he doesn't make it easy! He's so darn cute and I can't help but think that he is doing some of it just so that I will laugh. Here he is trying to look up, up, and up until he falls backwards

It's been a good 24 hours now, and he has finally come to accept his fate of the cone. He lays around and looks so pitiful. I have been giving him neck rubs though, and he is very appreciative of those. I think he'll make it.

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Paige said...

oh no max! i see why he was so mad now.